Happy New Year 2016 and Highlights 2015

HAPPYNEWYEAR2016InsidetheMuseum3 copy

Highlights from 2015


Jefre Harwoods, What I Imagine Alexander the Great Saying, Part 1, 2014


picassosloverswerelovers4 copy

Kaitlin Martin, Picasso’s Lovers As Lovers, 2015



Jefre Harwoods, String Theory Part New Brought Back Inside and Part II, 2015


TheTemptress copy

Kaitlin Martin, The Temptress, 2015



Jefre Harwoods, The Dog of July Eats the Sky, July 22, 2015



Kaitlin Martin, Northern Painting, 2014

IntoDubuffet2 copy

Jefre Harwoods, In(to) Dubuffet, 2015



Kaitlin Martin, The Prostitute (Folded Bather), 2015



Jefre Harwoods, Kiosk Drawings/3rd Floor, 2015



Kaitlin Martin, Vesuvius Bather, 2015

About Inside The Museum

Artists/Curators - Jefre Harwoods & Kaitlin Martin

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  1. Happy new year to you both!

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